president - Stephanea sotcheff

Stephanea Sotcheff joined Texas Crew Spring 2010 and rowed for 4 years before graduating in December 2013. During her time on the team she served as varsity women's captain and the team's Travel Coordinator and Treasurer.  She is currently pursuing a doctoral degree in Molecular Biology from UTMB in Galveston. She still ergs from time to time and is excited to help the team progress in coming years.

Treasurer - Richard bagans

Richard joined Texas Crew in 2012 where he rowed with the varsity men for three semesters and served as the team's Webmaster.  He works as a water resources planner for the state, making sure Texans have the water they need. His passion for water flows into rowing, reminiscing his time on Texas Crew. He hopes to help offer rowers their chance to find passion within the sport.

Secretary - karen HOUSTON

Karen spent three seasons with Texas Crew, first as a rower and then as a coxswain. She currently lives in Washington, D.C. and works as a copyeditor for Atlantic Media. She has stayed connected to the rowing community as a coxswain in D.C. and is excited to support Texas Crew as Secretary.