The Legacy of Texas Crew: 50 years in the making

Texas Crew is the competitive collegiate rowing club at the University of Texas at Austin, where every fall roughly 100 or more students come down to Lady Bird Lake to give the sport a go. The team was originally founded in 1969 by a group of 11 men, their captain - Blocker Meitzen. Unfortunately they failed to obtain enough funding for the team to have continued after their graduation.

In 1981 Austin Rowing Club (ARC) was founded and in 1982 was featured in Austin Magazine, attracting the team’s re-founder, Byron Bullock. ARC was also featured in the Daily Texan, attracting the soon-to-be faculty sponsor Bryce DeWitt. After drafting a charter the team held it’s first elections and that following spring ARC hosted it’s first every Heart of Texas regatta. The team received sport club status and monetary support from the university in 1984 and the following year a women’s squad was formed. By the end of the decade the team had grown to 50 members and began to see quite a bit of success and attention.

By the fall of 1990 the team had grown to 100+ members, and much like it is today, was a powerhouse in the region. The Texas Crew Foundation (TCF) was founded in 2003 as an alumni organization that promotes and financially supports Texas Crew. The primary goal of TCF is to provide a safe, high quality, and affordable rowing environment for current students at UT Austin. This is accomplished through fundraising events and financial planning, providing funds for equipment purchases and maintenance, scholarships, travel expenses, and coaching staff.

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A Note from Niko Gies, President of Texas Crew Executive Board:

With the transition of almost an entirely new coaching staff, Texas Crew is at a pivotal point in its life as a UT sports club. Myself, and the rest of the executive team have spent countless hours to ensure that we have set ourselves up for success and continued growth over the next few years. We hope to continue to develop Texas Crew into the Nationally recognized crew it has slowly become over the last few years. With our new coaching staff in place, the help of TCF, and all of our dedicated rowers, I have no doubt the future is very bright for Texas Crew.