The Texas Crew Foundation promotes and financially supports Texas Crew in order to provide a safe, high quality, and affordable rowing environment. We accomplish this through fundraising events and financial planning, providing funds for equipment purchases and maintenance, scholarships, travel expenses, and coaching staff.


A Note from Madison Bishop, President of Texas Crew Executive Board:

  • Texas Crew has grown from a small group in the past few years to 70 hardworking individuals that prioritize training and the success of the team. From doing outside workouts to putting in countless hours on Exec Board, Texas Crew has become a big part of many people's lives. The team has been able to blossom and build stability, laying the foundation for many years to come. 
  • This past year Texas Crew had a very strong showing at SIRA and took five eights to ACRA, five more than the year before. Our goal is to grow throughout the Olympic year. We will compete in bigger events, be competitive against funded programs, and recruit a large class of passionate novices to continue the growth of the team.