The Texas Crew Foundation promotes and financially supports Texas Crew in order to provide a safe, high quality, and affordable rowing environment. We accomplish this through fundraising events and financial planning, providing funds for equipment purchases and maintenance, scholarships, travel expenses, and coaching staff.


A Note from Niko Gies, President of Texas Crew Executive Board:

  • With the transition of almost an entirely new coaching staff, Texas Crew is at a pivotal point in its life as a UT sports club. Myself, and the rest of the executive team have spent countless hours to ensure that we have set ourselves up for success and continued growth over the next few years. We hope to continue to develop Texas Crew into the Nationally recognized crew it has slowly become over the last few years. With our new coaching staff in place, the help of TCF, and all of our dedicated rowers, I have no doubt the future is very bright for Texas Crew.